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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 11  ABC  September 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm CDT

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crested and is falling. the wapsi at anamosa will crest at 24 feet tuesday night. a well-timed stretch of quiet
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windy both today and tomorrow with gusts as high as 25 to 30 mph. we'll have lots of sunshine today with highs in the middle to upper 60s. seasonably cool weather continues tonight as lows fall we'll stay in the 60s with some gusty winds again tomorrow. additional clouds arrive tomorrow night and wednesday, with some more peeks of sun coming for the end of the week with highs sticking to the 60s. our next appreciable rain chance won't happen until sometime around the middle of next mostly sunny, windy, and cooler. wind: w 15-30 high: 67 alo: 66 dbq: 65 iow: 68 tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 5-10 low: 44 alo: 43 dbq: 44 iow: 46
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river is expected to crest tomorrow morning, which means the flood waters are quickly rising in cedar rapids. kcrg t-v nine's brea love is live along the river near downtown. brea, what are you seeing? mott building police escor center park area, that bench down there underwater just look at how quickly this water is moving its rising fast the mott buildings has a hesco barrier like a lot of other preparations in town. we've told you about the massive community effort to get everything prepared for what we will see here. cedar rapids police say people who are in the flood affected areas will still be able to get to their homes today, if it's safe. i know a lot of people still want to help, but right now the help has to wait. there's one thing pd wants to make sure
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police say for right now the help has to wait. "pretty much all of the help within the flood zone has been stopped because now the flooding is actually occuring and its not safe to go down in there." just to remind you there is an curfew tonight at 8. like i said i had a police escort to get to this point so you should not be down here it is very dangerous. morning, so it's imperative to stay safe, stay away from the water, and keep it here in tv9 for the latest live in downtown cr, brea love, kcrg-tv nine news. here's another live look right now at the cedar river over mays island. this is the tower news network
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the city of cedar rapids put out a new call for help making sand bags. people can head over to boulevard and 16th avenue southwest right now to fill more sandbags. these are not for personal use. instead, these sand bags will help reinforce the flood system throughout cedar rapids. just a few minutes ago the city of cedar rapids wrapped up their daily press conference. kcrg t-v nine's forrest saunders was at the press conference. forrest, what are
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has been cresting in continues to rise and crest. now is the time to do that. they're stressing it. it is not a mandatory evacuation but they are urging people to listen to them. they might have to go in there and rescue people. they don't want to put those people their lives at risk. so again the city is urging people to adhere to the evacuation and to leave that big
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many times. >> thank you for the update. moving a little bit further. but even further upstream the cedar river has been cresting in vinton as the crest hit 21.8 feet. mark carlson is live in vinton. it's been a few hours since we've gotten fresh video in from vinton. tell us what you're we're having technical issues from vinton. we're also following some other news as well today. and politically major event for tonight as hillary clinton and donald trump will meet for the first presidential debate. it will be a 90-minute session. and we'll also take a look through cedar rapids through newbo and rompot, and czech village.
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we can get a sense what preparations are as our flood 2016 coverage continues. as those crews keeping on working. they only have some wind to deal. just in cedar rapids. as far as any rain goes i'll show you how far the rain goes
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arrived. it's going to be a bit windy both today and
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sunshine today with highs in the middle to upper 60s. seasonably cool weather continues tonight as lows fall to the mid-40s. we'll stay in the 60s with some gusty winds again tomorrow. additional clouds arrive tomorrow night and wednesday, with some more peeks of sun coming for the to the 60s. our next appreciable rain chance won't happen until sometime around the middle of next mostly sunny, windy, and cooler. wind: w 15-30 high: 67 alo: 66 dbq: 65 iow: 68 tonight: mostly clear. wind: w 5-10
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and still a bit windy. wind: w 15-25 high: 66 alo: 65 dbq: 65 iow: 68 tom. night: mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles. wind: nw 5-10 low: 45 alo: 44 dbq: 46 iow: 47 wednesday: mostly cloudy, cool. high: 64 low: 45 thursday: 68 low: 47 friday: partly cloudy. high: 69 low: 48 saturday: mostly cloudy. high: 70 low: 52 sunday: partly cloudy. high: 72 low: 53 monday: part >> next few days look like. 66? tomorrow. with a partly cloudy sky.
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both thursday and friday with partly cloudy skies. we'll see a partly cloudy sky saturday. next rain chance and it's a pretty small one is next tuesday. we'll have a lot of time to dry out which is exactly what we need. we are so happy to have a boring forecast. boring is such a good thing. we had a stretch before it peaked out in cedar rapids. it kept raining. you can't escape downtown. before you knew it we were at 31.twelve. including the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and republican nominee donald trump for tonight. it comes as a new cnn just one point separating the two and some of the critical battleground.
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41% for clinton. 3% for jewel stein. and it is hillary clinton 45-44 over trump. neither stein or johnson are polling with big enough numbers to take part in the for hillary clinton and donald trump. they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's sleeping. you've got to be prepared for whacky stuff that comes at you. i'm drawing on my experience in elementary school. stein while she will be not on the stage she will make her
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and people are also taking advantage of this opportunity for shelter. we're talking with the leaders from the red cross how the shelter is doing.
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cross ha shelters to help people who couldn't find or afford a hotel room. right now i'm joined by kara kelly with the american red cross. how are things going at the shelters? is there any help needed right now? what should people leave at home? at the shelters? is there any
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right now? what should people leave at home? it seems like space who might be at that point it might not happen. >> we don't want people to worry about there's not a place for them to go. we can always find more resources if the need should arise. any other things you don't people want to bring in these shelters. >> so certainly we want people
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so we do want think about bringing your medication or infant with any dietary think of bringing those things. think about bringing comforts of home. bring something to do if you're not going to and from work. think about your children. a lot of the shelters have games and tvs. it isn't the most comfortable situation. but we do people are comfortable. we have talked about the sensational volunteer response we've seen throughout the city. i'd like to say car awe're ready for. are there any volunteer opportunities. once it starts to go down. some people may be assessing damage. is there a place where you can steer them towards.
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across the country to support the red cross situation. united way has an excellent resource for fining the volunteer opportunities. people have been asking what they can bring to the shelters. right now we're good. there isn't a need to rush things to the shelters. we've got that under control. but things could change as time goes. we work across the area. >> thank you forgiving us the information on this. we appreciate it greatly. also alliant energy says it does not anticipate any widespread power outages. so if you're in a situation where you want alliant to shut off the power. and say the word emergency. that will connect you right away to the right person.
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customers in the cedar rapids evacuation zone. the city will not pick up garbage recycling and yard e waste in the evacuation zone. if you're outside the evacuation zone normal schedules will continue. >> and will all is ready bow. in preparation and there's really not much stirring as you can see right over here. rescue boats are on stand by. not needed yet. we'll tell you what the situation is.
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several days sandbagging and preparing, hoping the flood waters as we approach been preparing sandbags. one location that the city where so much work has taken place is in newbo. that's where we're find kcrg tv 9 dave franzmann. >> what are you seeing at this hour. we're not seeing a whole lot of activity. that's a good thing. they have heeded the advise and they have needed the aside from
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at all. let me show you some of the preparations of the fire department has pre-positioned a rescue boat in case they are needed for anything in this area. the water is not even testing the bottom of the temperature barriers that we're seeing around this area. as we swing over here. he's are the hesco barriers and some of the earthen berms that every. >> and other preparations like that. but at this point it is not being tested although the river
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to some of the usgs people. the real test to come. so far the plan is working. live in cedar rapids daye transmust not. kcrg tv 9 news. quite confident is the term that city official were using. and here's what it looked like in downtown waterloo as the water started to pull back. but there are still homes in the area that are underwater. starting people people with the cedar falls building division will start to conduct safety inspections where water have receded. it's that's on your screen. that is open monday through friday 7:30 to 4:30.
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avoid travelling in north cedar falls which took on the most impact on the flood. instead they will only provide imagine vation probation and dialysis rides. our live team coverage continues in our next half-hour from all across the flood that will include our own bria love. the river rises. i'll havea live report coming up. in the wapsi river is receding slowly but surely that.
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keeping a close eye on the cedar river as it rises. i'll have a live report on the situation in just a few minutes. and here's a live look at the city of palo. we'll have a live report on the situation there in just a few minutes. you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is kcrg-tv9 news at midday. thanks for joining us for our 2016 flood coverage. >> now at 11:30 here in on monday. thank you for joining us on the 2016 flood coverage. while the levels have gone down in some cities. they are going up in cities like vinton and palo. but first we'll go to tv 9 oh forest saunders on an update on city services.
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>> hi chris. there was a lot of stuff covered in today's press conference. but one of the thing i wanted to pass along that chief scammers are out there and trying to take advantage of people until a designated evacuation zone. there are two scams. one that scammers are spreading rumors they want them to keep their doors emergency personnel. police are encouraging people to lock doors and windows. scammers are offering free hotel rooms and asking for credit card information. the chief explained that is also not true and not to give out financial information over the phone. residents are being contacted by telephone and offered a free hotel room and they are being asked to supply their credit
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again, this is a scam. do not fall for this scam. >> the chief said that and couple of the other things including that the national guard has arrived and they're going to be at checkpoints in the cedar rapids evacuation zones starting at noon. there are going to be 73 checkpoints in the evacuation zone. the national guard will be assisting and guard that evacuation zone during curfew hours and during regular hours. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you forest. here is another live look at the cedar river at mays island. and then the 3rd avenue bridge behind it. this is from the tower skycam as we're getting closer.
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going up quickly all morning. where are we now. we are 19.9 feet and that was the latest river level. as of 11:00. and in fact here's cedar rapids the latest we have for. still a 23 foot crest. and it remains unchanged. it's on track to hit 23 feet tomorrow morning. a in cedar falls. then what happened in waterloo and minton. here the four impacts to watch for over the next 24 hours. water should be reaching the bottom of the second street bridge. it will breach the second avenue bridge. and then 2 and a half it reaches
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bottom of the bridge on the southwest. >> with major flood stage crest at 24 foot. and so the mists just given the nature of how big and wide the basin it takes a long time to respond. it will take a very long to recede. it's going to be we also encourage you to please stay connected with us. we did give you a quick push just keeping you up-to-date on the very latest river levels. thankfully our weather still very quiet. >> and we're taking a live look
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back off to the left. there's a the railroad bridge north of the dam. you can see the river rising and getting to the top of that. we have sunshine. we have no rain in the offing anytime soon. here is live first alert pinpoint doppler. we have cool temperatures in the 60s. we'll certainly take that as far as the weather looking at 64? at noon. 67 at 3:00. 55?. by midnight and we're back at 40?. we're in the 40s the next couple of nights. i'll have a look at your nine-day forecast. >> thank you justin and kai. city officials put mandatory evacuations in place in palo.
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and i know there's certainly under the impact of it. >> what are you seeing right now nicole. >> homeowners here in palo are preparing as the floodwaters from the cedar river keep closer to closer. kelly franklin she left yesterday but she's back now. we're bringing in a generator. and i don't w stop. what are your biggest concerns at this point in time in the day. getting water out of my basement. getting up and ruining anything in my house. i don't want that to happen. trying to prevent as much as i can. you said you may stay because of the curiosity of seeing what's going to happen. >> being away when i was away yesterday i was beside myself just thinking wondering are they
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when i came back here it gave me peace of mind morning anything. i'm thinking maybe i'll just stay. >> kelly thank you so much and we are hoping for the best for you. the mandatory evacuation is in place, and we will continue tracking the development here. thank you for that update nicole as the water is approaching the one house in palo. city of the cedar rapids put making sandbags. people can go to the old kmart facility to fillmore of them. more than 250,000 sandbags have been filled. a mall shooting in houston injures nine people.
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texas as they're searching for answers amid the questions. we thankfully have dry weather. which was certainly a nice thing to see. we have cool dry weather. we'll see how long that lasts in your first alert forecast coming up. a well-timed stretch of quie
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windy both today and tomorrow with gusts as high as
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highs in the middle to upper 60s. seasonab we're also look at some blustery winds too. and certainly it is a nice thing to see the dry weather in place. as we take a look at our winds across the area. those are strong near 20-miles-per-hour. interestingly enough it turns out there's an elevated fire danger for the southern h the tv 9 viewing area. so that will be something to think about in our southern towns. otherwise we are planning on those temperatures to keep on staying cool aklaus the area with the winds coming out of the west and northwest. for the rest of the day a good 15 to 20-miles-per-hour, sometimes higher.
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63 in waterloo. 65 iowa city. still hanging out in dubuque. it is a clear day. the worst we have to contend. that is not a big deal at all. we finally have fall weather as west to northwest winds take over. but it is going to be breezy from time to time especially the next couple of days. for the afternoon continuing to see a as as well as those getting ready in the anamosa areas. tomorrow we start with sunshine. more clouds start to build in the afternoon. but by and large that will be a non-issue. highs generally in the high to middle 60s.
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43? in waterloo and 44 in cedar rapids. >> and we'll have 68? on thursday. 69? on friday. dry weather as we head into the weekend. and next chance of rain and it's a pretty small one isn't until next week on tuesday. we want to see a nice long that's more than ideal. absolutely. >> shifting out to the flood to one other maining story. it's from houston, texas. a lawyer who was upset shot and killed nine people. police say that the man was an attorney that lived in the neighborhood and he was having problems with his firm.
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critical condition, and the other one is serious condition. we'll be still be watching those rivers go up. now here's a live look at the cedar river near downtown. this is one is coming from the west side of the river close to the police station. you can see it approaching 20 feet. crest expected tomorrow morning
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>> as we're getting closer to the noon hour our flood coverage continue. now shifting to vinton as so many volunteers came together to
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the water out. and kcrg tv 9 mark carlson is in vinton. he offers us a look at the city and where it's at. >> we're here in vinton next to the benton county courthouse. this is what we're seeing with the river cresting at 21.8 feet. certainly a fair amount of water has made its way. some water certainly but at this point isn't going any higher. and you can see the hesco barriers for the most part they're doing their job. the focus making sure that the power remains in town. and the they've got some utility areas roped off. some other areas have taken off some waters. again now for our photograph
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left. you're going to eventually see the county jail. that's the county jail is used as a sheriff's office. we're told all of the inmates were evacuated from there. you can see it is surrounded by water. as you work your way up that street there is a business over there. they are taking on some water. as much water is kept out of the build. so this is a look at v mark carlson kcrg tv 9 news. >> back to cedar rapids. as it's not expected to crest until some time tomorrow. it's been doing this in a swift manner all throughout the morning. kcrg tv 9 bria love has been monitoring the cedar river as it goes through downtown cedar
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what are you seeing. >> we're having some sound issues with bria love who is right outside the mott building. >> it's at 19.9 feet. w tomorrow morning. and it's going to come up and linger for a while.
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that might inundated. 8:00 p.m. those from 8:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. also the flooding is forcing schools throughout the cedar rapids area to close for a few days. the public school is closed today, tuesday and wednesday. same for the metro catholic schools. they are out for those three days. mercy university has closed classes for today and tomo >> now we'll and who is live in and that have been working hard to protect that area.
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throughout the morning here dave. >> and just across the road from the african-american museum. as we pan off you can see what the river looks like back towards the downtown area. obviously very high. this is the water that is coming off the river. it's covering a recreational trail. but it is stilwell short of the line of temporary barricades flood protection that the city has put up. as for newbo the district it is very quiet with most of the people having packed up and left earlier. now most of the businesses have
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sandbags didn't do him any good. we just believe what the city has done down here. we're not going to have the trouble. we're giving it a shot. >> of course the one business busi precaution. he has flood insurance on the building it not the content. and anything that is they're all getting ready down here. and they're just waiting to see basically what's going to happen. live in cedar rapids dave franzmann kcrg tv 9 news. >> thank you dave. still ahead as we close out this
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top stories for this day. and the we'll have one final look at the forecast. so as so many of us are dealing with higher rain, higher water,
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>> chris we are taking a look out here at the cedar river right behind the mott building. that's the drive up. that is un drivable. we've out here since 4:30 this morning. but we've lost our stick.
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and please stay off of that. and there are police at checkpoints keeping you out. stay here with the tv 9 as we give you the latest updates through through the day. >> it's very striking video from the ground level we'll up top with the tower news skycam. you can see the bridge as the south vantage point. you see the second one in the middle that's the second avenue bridge. and the 3rd avenue bridge. >> in cedar falls with the river dropping there. safety inspections will start up today. this will be for the homes and businesses where water is pulled
11:57 am
services. also a non-water note tonight presidential debate will be taking place at hofstra university on long island between trump and clinton. neither libertarian gary johnson or part of the debate. >> just about to the 20 feet in cedar rapids. forecast crest is still 23 feet even. that would be coming up tomorrow morning. for the rest of the day sunshine. it is going to be windy today. we have dry weather coming up. >> thank you for joining us at midday.
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